World Sight Day

“World Sight Day” Gives our clubs an opportunity to raise awareness of just how important SIGHT is to us and yet we so easily TAKE FOR GRANTED.

It can also raise PUBLIC awareness of LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL in your community.


This year’s Project Ideas are as follows, maybe your club could choose one and make this World Sight Day a special event where you are active.

  • IDEA 1    Have an Information Table outside a Local Optician and use us as a Central Spectacle Collection, Information Distribution and Booking Eye Appointments.
  • IDEA 2    Send the Public Service Announcement / Dear Editor Letter to Local Media.
  • IDEA 4    CREATIVE WRITING COMPETITION WITH LOCAL NEWSPAPER, e.g. have schoolchildren write an essay on “what it feels like to be blind” and have the paper’s editor judge the winner.
  • IDEA 5    HOLD A BLINDFOLD WALKATHON – get your local MP, Council chief, vicar, headmaster or other dignitary to walk along the high street blindfolded, with a Lion as guide to ensure safety, and invite the press along to cover the story, or write up the story with your own photographs of the event.

Why don’t you get your club involved with this profile raising campaign and capitalise on the free publicity in the form of “radio broadcasts” around your area in our the District.

If you would like to know more about it or would like help with a project please do not hesitate to call me.

Let us get involved and make a difference to people’s lives. If somebody doesn’t know that they have a problem then they can do nothing to prevent complications later in life. Let us try to get them to understand what might and could happen to them if they ignore the symptoms.

We can also show that EA does lead the way.