Lions Eye Health Programme

The Lions Eye Health Programme is a community based awareness project that will help the people in your own communities to keep the SIGHT they have.  The idea is to tell people in the “AT RISK GROUPS” what might happen if they do not have regular and proper Eye Examinations.

80% of people who lose their SIGHT lose it needlessly either through ignorance and/or through a lack of screening facilities available.  The majority of people who lose their SIGHT do so through GLAUCOMA or DIABETIC EYE DISEASE and this could be prevented by early detection.  Regular and proper eye examinations will reduce the risk of loss of vision because the Ophthalmologist will detect any abnormalities during the examination.

The Lions are trained to participate in this wonderful project and give presentations around their communities where they educate the people of the problems which may occur if eyes are not examined regularly.

Who is in the “AT RISK GROUP”

  •     People over the age of 40
  •     People with a Family history of Glaucoma
  •     People who have Diabetes

Any Sight lost before the conditions above are detected will be lost forever, that is why it is so important to have regular and proper eye examinations.  The earlier the conditions are detected the sooner treatment can be started and any further loss of sight can be prevented.

Lions Clubs International has set a goal  and that is, to “eradicate all preventable blindness in the world.”