The Travelling Lion/Lioness Competition

Aims:    To run a Travelling Lion/Lioness competition within District 105EA. Not to be run as a “pot hunting” competition. Aimed at encouraging friendship and good fellowship between Lions/Lionesses of District 105EA having the added advantage of helping and strengthening community service projects and fund-raising activities within Clubs, through the exchange of ideas taking place during inter-Club visits.

Objects:   To encourage inter-Club visiting among Lions/Lioness Clubs throughout District 105EA

Period:  The competition year is from the first day of February to the last day oft January following.

Points:  Points will be awarded to each visiting Club on the basis of one point for each mile travelled by each Lion/Lioness between their own Club and the Club being visited (SINGLE JOURNEY ONLY). To offer the smaller Clubs equal opportunity, the points claimed will be divided by the total of the Club’s membership as at 31st December each year.  The mileage referred to will be calculated as the shortest route as shown by Google maps between the postcode of the regular meeting place of the visiting Lion/Lioness Club and the venue being visited postcode

Reporting:    An endorsed form must completed and sent to the District Competitions Officer within 1 month of a visit.

Trophies:    The “Ron Barber Travel Trophy”.  The model of Concorde made by the late Ron Barber and mounted by  Loughton Lions in his memory, was, after many flights around the District,  like its namesake, retired gracefully, and auctioned to the highest bidder at Convention 2011. It’s replacement for Lions is a glass hand holding a glass globe,the Lioness also have a glass trophy.

The Lion/Lioness Club, who scores the greatest number of points worked out as above, will win the trophies.

Eligible Visits:

Regular Club meeting

Club Social Meeting

Charter Presentations/Anniversaries Club fund-raising event

Club Community Service event

District Forum/Convention

Exclusions:  Zone meetings. Only one visit in any one day will count for points.