Meet DG Mandy

My theme for the year is …     Serve Together, Stay Together,

Service is the cornerstone of our Organisation, and I believe we need to embrace this as the more the public sees us making a difference the more they will wish to join us. Please invite me to your events etc, I am happiest when helping at events and getting stuck in with Clubs come rain or shine.

The five core areas for us to work with are

  • Diabetes,
  • Hunger,
  • Sight,
  • Environment,
  • Cancer,

With the emphasis on Youth.

Many of your local projects come under one or more of these headings so all I am actually asking is for a little bit more hands on rather than fund raising. We all know we need to fund raise to finance projects, but we need to be seen if we want to attract more members. I have appointed someone for each area so there is help if you need it.

I am a great believer in Branch Clubs, which do not dilute Lionism, but actually enhance existing Clubs, by giving them extra man power and new ideas.

Life has changed, no longer is the working day 9 till 5, with tea on the table when you get home so you can go to the pub for a meeting at 8. Now the working day can start at 4.30am finish by lunchtime, or shift work (6 till 2, 2 till 10 and 10 till 6) or even start lunchtime and finish late evening.

So we now need Clubs that fit in with these new lifestyles, Lunch Clubs, after school Clubs, parent and child Clubs, if we don’t want to end up like the dinosaurs, extinct !!!!

But above all we need to have FUN