Medic Alert – A Lions Saving Project

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Medic Alert was started in the United States in 1953, since then it has evolved into the 9 International Medic Alert affiliates we have today. Lions Clubs in the British Isles and Ireland have supported MedicAlert since 1964, like all charities and associations MedicAlert has had to respond to changes driven by the dynamics of economics and the needs of the members, users and supporters.

MedicAlert remains a unique service providing 24hr professional emergency contact throughout the world. Members can be confident that in the event of a sudden illness or accident the attending Health Care Professional can through one telephone call, obtain access to credible health/allergy information and up to-date prescribed medications.

Star of Life Logo

The MedicAlert logo is recognised by Healthcare providers around the world with the Staff of Aesculapius being an internationally recognised symbol denoting medical services which is encompassed in what Paramedics call the Star of Life. MedicAlert is the only Medical ID charity in the UK having helped over 300K people in the UK

and continues to grow.

In the event of a sudden illness or accident the Doctor, Paramedic or other Health Care Professional treating the victim would need some assurance that the information regarding their on-going medication and care was current, because some treatment may be detrimental if given with other medications. MedicAlert is a trusted source for providing that reassurance to the healthcare provider.

Medic Alert Bracelets

MedicAlert through listening to the opinions of their supporters are reviewing their service and product range to ensure that they remain the number one choice for Healthcare professionals. Currently 53% of membership recommendations come from the medical profession which demonstrate the value that the medical profession has put on MedicAlert.

There is an annual membership charge, currently £30. MedicAlert Jewellery is an additional charge which carries the MedicAlert emergency number, member’s medical information and their unique membership number.

The Lions clubs around the Multiple District have recognised the value of the recently launched Early Start Programme (ESP). which provides children with full MedicAlert support from birth through to ten years old thereby giving parents the peace of mind that when they are not able to be with their children. It will provide a healthcare professional with vital medical information 24/7 when they are treating a child at risk in an emergency situation. The Early Start Programme offers free membership for a child up to their 10th birthday as well as providing their first item of jewellery for free. A donation of £275 would cover the cost of this provision and help maintain this sustainable programme.

Information provided by the charity Allergy UK indicates that their recent studies have confirmed a significant increase in the incidence of allergies, in particular amongst children. In the UK 50% of Children are diagnosed with some allergy. There are many others of course who have other life threatening medical conditions.

As well as financial assistance Lions clubs can serve in a practical way by ensuring that supplies of the MedicAlert leaflets and posters are available in local Doctors surgeries, Chemists and Libraries. These leaflets will also carry the Lions logo which will help to highlight the service activities we provide to the local community.

If you would like more information about MedicAlert or a supply of leaflets please contact.


Lion Matthew Bungard

District 105EA Medic Alert Officer