Lion’s Lifeskills (formerly TACADE)


This is a series of resources for use in educational establishments suitable for children from the age of 3 right up to school leavers aged 19 and over. The primary aim of these resources is to help to prepare young people to make reasoned choices after they leave their home and educational environment

It is not intended that Lions should 100% fund these resources, the introduction to the scheme should come from the local Lions club, but the school need to actually order. Lions clubs can give a voucher pledging to pay 25%, 50% or 75% of the cost, by negotiation, if the school orders the resource, by doing it this way the school is more likely to make full use of the materials, when they are received.

There are a total of 27 different Lions Lifeskills resources priced between £12.99 and £69.95. The most expensive one is included in the range “Skills for the Primary School Child” and contains 57 lessons aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 11, with involvement required from parents and the school.

Possibly the most important resources that are available is the “Life Changes” and “Life Changes 2” packs. These help teachers guide young people through traumatic occurrences during their development, including parental separation, family bereavement and peer group bereavement and relationship breakdowns.

For more information please contact the District Lifeskills officer Lion Derek Rutter at