Lion/Lioness Scrapbook Competition Rules

Entries: All entries must be in book form not exceeding 24” x 36” and be limited to 52 sheets, i.e. 104 pages. They must be clearly identified on the cover.

Contents:    The Scrapbook should cover the period of the preceding Presidential Year but when it is in continuous format, judging will only take place on material covering that period.

Participation:     Every Lion/Lioness Club in the District is eligible to submit an entry.

Delivery:    Each entry to be delivered in person by an authorised delegate to the Competition area prior to the commencement of District Convention

Judging:    Entries will be judged during District Convention by a selected panel and be based on 65% designated to news media coverage, 25% to inter Lion publicity and 10% presentation. A District Trophy will be presented at District Convention to each winning Club. The winning Lions Club entry will be entered in the Multiple District Competition judged at Multiple District Convention.

Organisation:     The District Competitions Officer is responsible for organising the District Competition and for notifying the Multiple District Sergeant at Arms, the organiser of the Multiple District Competition, of the District winner.