INSURANCE – District Officer – PDG Lion George Harris

For details of the Lions Clubs International Insurance Cover please review the document below which is the formal cover note/certificate.

Lions Public Liability Insurance Cover Note/Certificate

Should you have any query please contact me for further assistance.

Please also be aware that if Clubs are organising events where the attendance is likely to exceed 1000 people, you need to make a note in your Club minutes to that effect. It is no longer necessary to advise the Insurance Company.

HEALTH & SAFETY – District Officer – Lion John Wharton

Please remember that there should be a written Risk Assessment carried out for all Club organised events. If you have a regular event (weekly, monthly, etc.,) then the Risk Assessment should be reviewed for each event.

Whilst every event is different there are perhaps a few “starting points” that could be considered for those beginning their first Risk Assessment. See “Identifying Risks” below. These are in no way complete and should not be considered a full list – your circumstances at your event are special for you. I have also included a starter idea for a risk assessment form which may be of help. More details on the MD Website under Policy Documents click here to go to the appropriate area on the MD Website.

District Governors Club Health and Safety Questionnaire

(note required Microsoft Word to open, once downloaded and completed please send to HEALTH & SAFETY – District Officer – Lion John Wharton)

Standard Event Risk assessment form

Identifying Risks Form

Example Risk Assessment, Christmas Supermarket Collection

Example Risk Assessment for Santa Sleigh

Safety Policy for District 105EA

Implementation of the Health and Safety policy with District 105EA