Lions Clubs International Centenary Service Challenge

As part of the Centenary Celebrations, LCI are asking Lions to help reach their Centennial Service Challenge goal of serving 100 million people by December 2017.

The British Isles and Ireland have been set a series of challenges by LCI and diabetes forms part of these. So what does this mean as far as diabetes is concerned?

Diabetes Screening – 100,000 = 675 per zone or 8,100 for our district.

Diabetes Journey – Walk a 100,000 miles to help promote diabetes awareness. A Strides: Lions for Diabetes Awareness event promotes healthy exercise and brings an entire community together in the fight against diabetes. Physical activity and a healthy lifestyle are important for those with diabetes or at risk of diabetes. A 100,000 mile walk for diabetes = 7 miles per member or 7,910 for our district.

Please follow this link for further details.

Whilst these TARGETS we have been set are BIG, they are achievable if we ALL play our part.

I’d like to encourage every club to try and endeavor to get involved with these challenges. Please encourage your Lions Club Secretary to report service activities through My LCI, the online membership and service activity reporting system.

This challenge runs from May 2015 to December 2017; so we have to set about tackling these challenges NOW. The sooner we get stuck into these, the sooner we’ll finish achieving our targets, hopefully!

Walk a Mile or Two for Diabetes UK!

As part of the Centenary Celebrations, we have been challenged to walk 100,000 miles by December 2017.

The goal of this project is to walk 100,000 miles for Diabetes UK. This is particularly important not just because of the mileage undertaken, but the fact that Lions are walking i.e. taking exercise for Diabetes UK they are at the same time reducing their own risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes! Just look at these frightening statistics as shown in the February/March 2016 Lion Magazine.

Diabetes in the UK

Lifestyle change is key in mitigating against the further increase in Type 2 Diabetes.

To get this project off to a flying start, Chris Hibbert from New Century Lions Club organised a walk along the South Downs Way during May 2016. This turned out to be a great success with Lions from Chelmsford and Littleport ably supported by New Century Lions who between them walked a total distance of 715 miles. More importantly they managed to raise more than £5,000 for Diabetes UK. Well done to Chris for his efforts in organising this event and to each and every Lion who took part in the walk, a fantastic achievement?

Chris is now looking to encourage clubs and zones to walk and talk together, every month or so sharing ideas and planning new ventures. At the same time they need to record the distance that they cover. This is the way forward if we are to meet our challenge head on by December 2017.

Please keep watching this space for new announcements, hopefully in the not too distant future.

Have you been screened for Diabetes? Are you at a Risk?

Because everyone is at risk, particularly the over 40s or over 25 if you are black or Asian and if you are overweight and take little or no exercise.

Symptoms can be passing urine more often, increased thirst, extreme tiredness, unexplained weight loss, genital itching or regular episodes of thrush, slow healing of cuts and wounds and blurred vision.

Are you aware of the serious side effects this disease has when not controlled? Retinopathy that can lead to blindness, kidney failure, heart problems, foot ulcers and infections that may lead to amputations! Diabetes can be controlled, but detection is required, which is why screening is so important.

The increasing prevalence of chronic diseases like diabetes has a vast impact in terms of healthcare expenditure, stretching resources in healthcare systems throughout the world. The cost of diabetes to the NHS is over £1.5m an hour or 10% of the NHS budget for England and Wales. This equates to over £25,000 being spent on diabetes every minute. In total, an estimated £14 billion is spent a year on treating diabetes and it’s complications. Currently there are 3.2 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK and more worryingly an estimated 630,000 people who have the condition, but don’t know it. By 2025 it has been estimated that this figure will rise to 5 million. This is totally unacceptable, so Lions need to act now to help reduce these scary figures.

Diabetes can be a game changer to people’s lives, but Lions can help by educating our communities of the devastating complications of this disease by organising Lions Awareness Events in partnership with their local branch of Lloyds Pharmacy and encouraging as many of the public as possible to be screened. With this in mind the new Lion posters are now available from me together with some other literature and posters from Diabetes UK.

There is a process that needs to be followed to allow this to happen. The Guidance notes are available here on how to complete such a screening and also the request form for assistance from Lloyds Pharmacy.

Once you have completed the request form please email or post direct to me. Anybody experiencing problems with either completing the form or any other detail on Diabetes can contact me on

Did you know?

1 in 11 adults have diabetes

By 2040, 1 adult in 10 will have diabetes

1 in 7 births is affected by gestational diabetes

Every 6 seconds a person dies from diabetes

Calling all Zone Chairman

I need your help to encourage every Lion in your Zone to take a Diabetic Blood Screening Test either at their local Lloyds Pharmacy or with their own GP.


Because if they end up developing Diabetes, they could end up being physically impaired from being able to help with Lions projects.

I would also like you to encourage every Lions Club in your zone to actively encourage members of the public to help get them screened as well. It couldn’t be simpler, they can either make an appointment with their own GP’s or if they prefer at their local branch of Lloyds Pharmacy.


To try and curb the growing health crisis in our own local communities that has become such a burden to local NHS Trusts. Come on let’s live up to our motto: We Serve.

World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes DayLions, in association with the International Diabetes Federation, will be recognising WORLD DIABETES DAY

on Tuesday, 14th November 2017. The theme for this year is ‘Women and Diabetes’.

Will your Club think about doing something to publicise Diabetes on this day?

Lion David King – District Diabetes Officer