World Sight Day

World Sight Day “World Sight Day” Gives our clubs an opportunity to raise awareness of just how important SIGHT is to us and yet we so easily TAKE FOR GRANTED. It can also raise PUBLIC awareness of LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL in your community. LETS GET INVOLVED. This year’s Project Ideas are as follows, maybe your

SightFirst: Lions Vision for all

SightFirst: Lions Vision for all Since its inception in 1990, the SightFirst program has played a key role in reducing global blindness. It is only through the collaborative efforts of Lions, our partners, local health authorities, eye care professionals and other Non-Governmental Organisations that SightFirst has been able to help 30 million people have improved

Spectacle Collection

Spectacle Collection What do people do with their old unwanted spectacles?     Some re-cycle them.     Some give them to charity shops.     Some give them back to the opticians.     Some just keep them in the drawer.     Some just throw them away. We can use them to help others to see properly again.

What is LEHP

Lions Eye Health Programme The Lions Eye Health Programme is a community based awareness project that will help the people in your own communities to keep the SIGHT they have.  The idea is to tell people in the “AT RISK GROUPS” what might happen if they do not have regular and proper Eye Examinations. 80%