The Scribe Competition

The Scribe Competition Background:    In 1979/80 the then District Sub-Editor of the B. & I. Lion Magazine, Lion Arthur Scott, presented a trophy to the District know as the “Scribe Award”. It is awarded annually for the best submission or series of submissions to the B. & I. Lion Magazine from a Club within the

Lion/Lioness Scrapbook Competition

Lion/Lioness Scrapbook Competition Rules Entries: All entries must be in book form not exceeding 24” x 36” and be limited to 52 sheets, i.e. 104 pages. They must be clearly identified on the cover. Contents:    The Scrapbook should cover the period of the preceding Presidential Year but when it is in continuous format, judging will

District Competitions

District Competitions The District Runs the following Competitions The Lions / Lioness Clubs Scrap-book The Scribe Traveling Lion and Lioness Please click here to download the Traveling Lion/Lioness Form or Click here to complete on line The Phil Daubeney Environment Photographic Competition Don Peech Golf Trophy Lion Environment Contest The rules for the competitions can

Comprehensive Eye Services

Comprehensive Eye Services All over the world people are losing their sight needlessly, because there are insufficient medical centres, not enough trained optical personnel and the fact that the distances villagers have to travel to get treatment can mean many, many kilometres. Just imagine travelling all that way, probably on foot, when you can see,