Travelling Lion/Lioness Competition

The Travelling Lion/Lioness Competition Aims:    To run a Travelling Lion/Lioness competition within District 105EA. Not to be run as a “pot hunting” competition. Aimed at encouraging friendship and good fellowship between Lions/Lionesses of District 105EA having the added advantage of helping and strengthening community service projects and fund-raising activities within Clubs, through the exchange of

The Scribe Competition

The Scribe Competition Background:    In 1979/80 the then District Sub-Editor of the B. & I. Lion Magazine, Lion Arthur Scott, presented a trophy to the District know as the “Scribe Award”. It is awarded annually for the best submission or series of submissions to the B. & I. Lion Magazine from a Club within the

Lion/Lioness Scrapbook Competition

Lion/Lioness Scrapbook Competition Rules Entries: All entries must be in book form not exceeding 24” x 36” and be limited to 52 sheets, i.e. 104 pages. They must be clearly identified on the cover. Contents:    The Scrapbook should cover the period of the preceding Presidential Year but when it is in continuous format, judging will