Comprehensive Eye Services

All over the world people are losing their sight needlessly, because there are insufficient medical centres, not enough trained optical personnel and the fact that the distances villagers have to travel to get treatment can mean many, many kilometres. Just imagine travelling all that way, probably on foot, when you can see, never mind if your vision is impaired.

If we want to go to the Opticians we simply go down the town, jump in the car or on the bus and we are there in no time. How about if you had to walk to the clinic, which could be as far away as it is from Cambridge to Manchester, (250 miles approx) probably with guidance of a younger member of the family.

Lions Sight Savers with the help of Sight Savers International arrange for Eye Camps to be set up in areas where they are most needed, and take the medical / optical facilities to the villagers. Once they are there they will screen upwards of a thousand people and give medication on the spot in the form of creams and ointments to deal with minor eye conditions and infections, which will prevent people losing their sight. They will then transport patients who need sight saving operations for problems, such as TRACHOMA (where the eye lashes turn inwards and scratch the eye ball, resulting in loss of sight) and cataract, to regional medical centres. With the CES (Comprehensive Eye Service) there are Education and Training programmes in place for people who have no chance of having their Eye Sight restored, so we are now able to make even more people’s lives happy and more bearable.

The cost of sponsoring an Eye Camp is £250 and for that, around 250 to 300 people will receive treatment of some sort to help them retain, and in some cases regain their precious gift of sight.

If you have never sponsored an Eye Camp before then please consider it, and if you have sponsored an Eye Camp before, why not make it an annual project. This is definitely a project with a long-term future. There are 40 Million blind people in the world and if we do nothing about it the figure will double by the year 2020.

Every penny we send to Lions Sight Savers will help prevent somebody from losing their Sight.

When you make an investment in an Eye Camp, you also invest a sum of money, only this time; it will bring an instant return, which will benefit hundreds of people for the rest of their lives.

Please help the Lions keep their promise to eradicate preventable blindness from the world.

All you have to do is to send a cheque for £250 to the District Treasurer and marked on the back “Eye Camp and your Clubs name”.