Lions 105EA Weekly News 26th May 2019

From Chelmsford Lions
Are you able to help at the Disability Athletics Essex Regionals event being held in Chelmsford on 16th June?
For the last few years we’ve had a great day out helping the organisers to set up, run and take down the track and field events as well as set out, serve and clear away lunches and give out drinks to the judges and medals to the winners.
Unfortunately, because the date this year clashes with Father’s Day and several other pre-planned events that our club members have committed to we’re a bit thin on the ground with numbers to help out.
If anyone can help us or would like more information please contact Lion Julie Chandler on 07952 470812 or email
Thank you

From South Essex Lions Clubs
Various Lions Clubs in South Essex Organise a Disabled Sports Day, this year it is on 27th July at the King John School, Benfleet.  We would like to invite all Lions family members to attend this event to help, it is a very rewarding day.  All will be fed and watered during the day.  If you have a local Disabled Club near you that would like to take part, just let us know and we will persoally invite them.  Further details from Lion David Large, Leigh on Sea Lions

From Wymondham Lions
Wymondham Lions Club have a sister club in Bad Orb, Germany (a little to the east of Frankfurt) and have asked if I can find a group of Bridge players who would like to join them.
“I have another subject. A member of our Lions Club is an enthusiastic bridge player. Her club from Bad Orb is looking for a partner club in England. I have been asked to ask you if you know a Bridge Club near to you. If yes, would you be so kind to ask them, if they are interested in a partnership with a German Bridge Club?
Thank you in advance for an answer.
Best regards
If anyone is interested please let me know and I will forward contact details.
John Wilde
Wymondham Lions Club

From Lion Peter Dyer – JOGLE -John O’Groats to Lands End Charity Walk
Lion Zara Dyer and Lion Ian Brown from the Bungay Area Lions Club have now reached Inverness and have completed 300,000 steps (130 miles) and the journey continues with gratefull sponsorship from our District Lions Clubs. For full updates and daily video clips please visit
In this weeks WOMAN magazine, dated 27 May 2019, Lions Zara and Ian have a 2 pages spread about her injuries, recovery and determination to complete the challenging Charity Walk.Could this article be a first for a Lions member!!
Lion Peter Dyer – somewhere in the Scottish Highlands.

From PDG Lion Jim Cawte
To Lions and Lioness Clubs, Lions Partners, Friends and Families.
Chernobyl Children’s LifeLine    
On behalf of Elizabeth at CCLL, a big thank you to all those who answered the call for medicines and clothing for the party of children from Belarus who come over each year.
PDG Jim and Jennifer delivered a carload of items today, in readiness for the children’s visit in June/July.
Some Lions Clubs are already aware of the following event. It may be of interest to others, so please contact Elizabeth – details below.
As a follower of our Charity you may be aware of the recent interest in the Chernobyl Disaster revitalised due to the broadcasting of the Chernobyl Mini-Series on Sky TV.
Firstly, we can tell you the Mini-Series is very factual and what you see is very close to reality, the producers have made great effort to stay true to the facts.
We are extremely pleased to inform you that we are being honoured by a visit from one of the few surviving “First Responders” from the Chernobyl Disaster.  Colonel Andrei Mizko (retired) was one of the helicopter pilots sent in to try to put out the fire by dropping sand and other materials directly into the reactor. Many died and of those surviving few are able to travel to the west to tell the true story.
On 18th June Colonel Mizko will give a talk revealing the events of that terrible night when he was dragged from his bed and sent into Chernobyl and the events that unfolded from then on. You will hear a live witness account from a true “Chernobyl Hero”. The Colonel will also talk about the surviving firefighters and others who were directly involved in the tragedy together with information about those still having to live with the after-effects.
The talk will take place at Stowmarket football Club, 18th June at 7.30pm.
Tickets will be £3.00 in advance, £3.50 on the night but we would encourage you to get your tickets in advance as seating will be limited by the size of the venue. All major credit cards are taken and tickets can be obtained by contacting me via email, txt or Facebook. Tickets will also be available at the Chernobyl Charity shop in Needham Market from 1st June.
Elizabeth Parker
Link Chair
Senior Trustee CCLL National
07771 550868
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