Lions Weekly News 4th November 2018

From Lion Sue Hibbert – Convention Host Officer
105EA Convention  Update
Details for the Partners Trip are now available. The visit will be to Bury St Edmunds with the possibility of a matinee performance of the musical Chess. If you’d like a ticket for the theatre  please contact me asap so I can  block book them. Price is around £18 depending on availability plus transport. If you’d  like transport only  I also need to know.  Please email me at the following address
Could I also encourage you all to book for Convention as rooms at the hotel are going quickly and we will soon be taking bookings at the over flow hotel. Hotel bookings are on a “first come first served” basis. WE CAN NOT  guarantee to match the original B&B price at the overflow hotel.
See you there to celebrate 40 years of this great District.
Sue Hibbert

From District Insurance Officer PDG Lion George HArris
I will be out of the country for the next six weeks. If anyone has any insurance queries during that time please contact the MD Insurance Advisor Rebecca Hall on E mail

From the MD Speech & hearing Officer Lion Derek Rutter.
Penny and myself are going to be conducting’ Deaf Awareness Training’ at MDHQ on Sunday 20th January 2019 starting at about 10.30. If you would like to be trained / have a refresher course please let me know as soon as possible so replies don’t get mixed up with the Christmas rush.

From Peace Poster Officer Lion Mel Farruku
Can all club that are participating in the Peace Poster competition please send posters to me for Judging at the next cabinet meeting, thanks

From District Sergeant at Arms Lion Adrian Robinson
There is a new 105EA Manual on the website, it can be found here

From Sheringham and Cromer Lions
Sheringham & Cromer Lions – DATE FOR DIARY – we are holding our 5th Charter Anniversary lunch on Sunday 3rd March 2019 @ The Dormy House Hotel, Cromer Road, West Runton, NR27 9QA – £27 per person. Menu to be advised

From Lion David King Diabetes Officer
The district recently purchased 2 weight scales and height measurers, to allow us to carry out Diabetes “Know Your Risk” assessment events around the district. These kits are currently held by me.
Diabetes UK now carry out assessments called “Know Your Risk,” that inform the person of their risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes within the next 10 years. They do not use the old method of bloodletting to carry out screenings. This is because there is potential that the pin prick test could be inaccurate for many reasons. These include, a test taken after handling sugary food or a test taken immediately after a big meal.
Know Your Risk assessments comprise of a quick questionnaire being completed by the person being assessed. It asks about age, gender, ethnicity, family history, weight, height, BMI and waist measurements. From this, a score is generated which determines the person’s risk of diabetes.
In 105EA, we currently have 6 Lions trained to facilitate assessment events. In my role as District Diabetes Officer, I want to increase the number of trained Lions, so that we have a wider spread network. This will enable us, as Lions, to reach more people and to educate them on their risk of getting Diabetes. Any training will be carried out by Diabetes UK and needs to be arranged via myself. Training usually takes around 4 hours.
ONLY trained Lions or volunteers from Diabetes UK are permitted to advise people on the outcome of their assessment. Any Lion can assist at assessment events, to help with forms being filled in, taking measurements, queue management etc., but a trained assessor must be present at the event.
I am sending this email out to all clubs to seek names of anyone who would be interested in becoming trained.
The date, venue and time of such a training event are still to be agreed with Diabetes UK, as is the number of Lions that can be trained. It is likely that no training will be available until early 2019.
In the meantime, clubs can still organise assessment events, so long as one of the 6 trained Lions are able to attend. One of us will come along, with the equipment to oversee the event.
It is essential that after any event is held, the number of people assessed and the number of GP referrals, is fed back to me. This will enable me to collate information for forwarding on to Diabetes UK, MD Officer etc.
These assessments can be held outside in a gazebo, in village halls, cafes etc. An area to talk to the person privately can be useful. So far, we have held events outside in gazebos at Alton Waters and in Leicester City Centre and in a café!
Although there is no set fee for coming along or putting the event on, a donation to Diabetes UK or a collection tin at the event would be greatly appreciated. Diabetes UK provides all the paperwork for an event and it does come at a cost to them.
With DG Mandy’s permission, I have also attached a letter from Teresa Strange, Regional Fundraiser from Diabetes UK. Please consider supporting World Diabetes Day by making a donation to the great work Diabetes UK do.
If you are interested in the training, holding an event or would like more information from me, please let me know.
Together we can help spread awareness and battle against the Diabetes epidemic.
Yours in Lionism
Lion David King
District Diabetes Officer