Lions 105EA Weekly News 20th May 2018

OBITUARIES: At the MD Convention it was agreed that obituaries would no longer be published in full in the Lion magazine. The District Governor and Cabinet of EA have therefore asked that EA connected obituaries be published in Lions Roar and on the EA Website as appropriate.

In line with this the Lions Roar Editor has agreed that a piece up to about 150 words in length may be submitted as the family would like to see it printed, along with, if appropriate, a photograph, for publication in EA’s Lions Roar in the next available edition.

The District website will also show the piece submitted to the Lions Roar and the webmaster would particularly like a suitable picture of the Lions Family Member that has passed to higher service.  This will also be used at convention when all Lions Family Members are remembered.

Any questions, or comments regarding the above should be directed to the Lions Roar Editor or the Webmaster as needed, many thanks

Lion John Fox and Lion David Large