Lions Weekly News 24th December

Fellow Lions
There has been no news relayed to me this week so far, so “normal” service will resume from 1st January 2017.

However as a small Christmas present to you all the District Website has been totally overhauled and now uses more modern design software, WordPress.  The look and feel is better, clearer and brighter.

All the same content is there and all District Officers with pages have been asked to review and advise updates.  Please look and play with the site.  The navigation menu is now at the top and you click on the words to take you to the pages concerned.  Some aspects of the menu have no link as you would expect, but do play.

The web address is still the same

Constructive feedback is welcome both to me and of course the specialist officers; I do hope you like it.  A special thank you to Simon Smith (Braintree Lions) who has helped with this major project.

Finally I wish you and your families a peaceful and happy Christmas and all the best for 2017.