The District Quiz Rules

Entries:    Each club, including Lioness and Leo’s, in District 105EA will be entitled to enter as many teams as it wishes

Teams:    A team will consist of 3 (minimum) or 4 (maximum) players of which at least two must be members of the Lions club they represent.

Format:    This Year There will be no Zone heats. The District Competitions Officer will arrange and supervise the District Final, and advise Zone Chairman details to pass on to their clubs..

Progress:    All clubs are invited to participate in the Final.

Timetable:    The Final is to be held before 1st March.

Trophy:    The “Smart Trophy”(donated by PDG David Smart) will be presented at District Convention to the Club winning the District Final.

Final:   The Final will consist of 10 rounds, one of which will contain questions on Lions Clubs International, with 10 questions in each round except Round 10 which will contain 20 questions. Five minutes are allowed for the completion of each round except Round 10, which will be completed during the quiz. Usually questions require a one or two word answers that must be written on the sheet provided.

Scoring:    Each correct answer will be awarded one point. The decision of Question Master SAA Adrian / District Competitions Officer supervising will be Final.

Disputes:    Refer to Scoring

Jokers:    Before the commencement of a Round (1-9 only) a team may opt to play their “joker” by informing the supervisor and by writing a “J” at the top of their answer paper. Their score for that round will be doubled. Only one joker will be allowed per team per heat.

Ties:    In the event of a tie the team with the best Round 10 score will be deemed the winner.  If this also results in a tie the teams will be asked a “sudden death” question to determine the winner.

Fees:    At the discretion of the organising officer a per capita/team entry fee, to cover venue hire, prizes, refreshments etc., may be levied.

Questions:    The District Competitions Officer will provide the questions for the final.